Why Does My Garage Door Squeak?

There are many proven reasons why your garage door squeaks. By knowing what they are, you’ll be able to rectify the squeaking problems quickly and inexpensively.

Out Of Alignment

One of the primary reasons why a garage door squeaks is because whether it’s brand new or many years old, all of the moving parts were incorrectly installed or became worn which causes misalignment. If a garage door is not perfectly aligned, then metal parts are going to abnormally rub against other metal parts, which will inevitably result in constant squeakiness. The solution is to have a garage door specialist professionally re-align the entire garage door with all of its moving metal mounting hardware.

Warped Wheels & Rollers

garage door rollers

If your garage wheels are dented, bent or warped, the door is going to go up and down in a skewed direction causing immense metal-to-metal friction along the way. This will always result in enormous and constant squeaking. Fix this issue by having a garage door installation company replace the warped wheels and rollers.

Broken Track

If any part of the track in which the wheels travel through is broken, cracked, splintered or has pitted and pockmarked, metallic gouges in it from overuse, this will cause inevitable squeaking noises. You can have the track either repaired or replaced, depending on how severely damaged it is, and how much you can afford to spend. Sometimes a repair will be cheaper than an entire track replacement.

Stuck Debris

If any type of unwanted debris such as dead bugs, dried leaves, stones, pebbles, dirt, mud, sand or any hard, small objects are trapped and stuck in any part of the garage door system, including the track, rollers, chain, or frame, this will cause too much friction for the door to rise and lower smoothly and squeak-free. Use both your hands and a stiff bristled broom to remove all the wedged-in debris, and that will stop your squeaking problems.

Malfunctioning Chain

When the chain malfunctions, it’s usually because it’s either drooping or too slack, or just the opposite (too tight), or one or more of the links are missing or broken. The remedy is to have the chain professionally diagnosed. If nothing is visually wrong with the chain, but you suspect it might be the chain that’s causing the squeaking because you ruled out all of the aforementioned issues, then simply solve the squeaky chain problem by applying some garage door grease, silicone spray lube, or even candle wax along the entire chain and inside the track.

Rusted Nuts, Bolts & Hinges

If there are any rusted or stuck nuts and bolts along any part of the frame or track or chain, use some lube in spray or grease form as well, which will stop this particularly common reason for the squeaking of so many garage doors.

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