7 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

new garage doorIf your garage door is shaking, squeaking and leaning to the side, it’s definitely time to invest in a new one. Garage doors aren’t one size fits all, so it’s wise to think about what you want and need before you install one. Once you install the door, it will be a prominent part of your home for years. For this reason, you also want to consider how you want it to look.

Security! Security!

Security in the most important feature for most homeowners. Some garage doors have openers that are equipped with rolling-code technology. With this feature, the security code changes each time someone uses the remote.

Safety First

If your garage is a high traffic area, or if you have children or pets, buying a door with laser light sensors is a good idea. If the sensor detects an object or person in the path of the door while it is closing, it will either stop or reverse directions.

The Stuff You’re Made Of

Garage doors come in wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass.

  • People who want visual appeal often opt for wood. However, wood is not as durable as other materials.
  • Steel is the most common and least expensive of the materials. Steel is durable and it offers an increased level of security.
  • Fiberglass is durable, but this material is prone to cracks when it is exposed to extremely cold climates.
  • Aluminum resists corrosion and rust and will work well in a region where moisture is an issue.
  • Vinyl is a relatively new garage door material. It is affordable, durable and low maintenance.

Are You My Type?

Garage doors come in tilt-up, sectionals and roll-up styles. Roll-up units consist of several small components connected to one large unit. These units roll overhead when you open them. Roll-ups are more expensive than other types and they typically need more maintenance. Sectional garage doors are made of three or four panels connected with hinges. These doors take up more ceiling space than others, and they require regular maintenance to keep mechanical difficulties at bay. Tilt-ups are made from a single panel that opens with a ceiling-mounted track.

Motor Matters

Pay attention to the horsepower ratings on the garage door. The horsepower across models will range. If you are buying a heavy garage door, consider a motor with a higher horsepower. If the door is lightweight, opting for a motor with a high horsepower rating may be too much.

You’ve Got the Look

Do you want a garage door that blends with the style of your home and the ambiance of the neighborhood? Do you want windows in the door, or would you prefer a solid door panel? Garage doors come in different styles, so take your time choosing one that you like.

Paying the Cost

Cost may not be the only factor in choosing your garage door, but it will definitely be at the top of the list. An installer can help you put together a package that gives you many of the features you want while working within your budget.

A garage door is an important addition to your home and something you’ll have to use for years. By considering the things above, you are sure to get a door that’s durable, beautiful and functional.

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