Overhead Door in 2012

Overhead Door CorporationAs with most other companies which are intimately involved with home construction, garage door manufacturers Overhead Door Company saw signs of life in their 2012 sales figures and expect 2013 to present an ever-brightening picture. As the company sees it, however, the recovery is not proceeding at the same pace in all sectors of the home construction industry.

  • While new home starts are up over previous levels, they remain modest in an overall sense of the word. Additional growth in this subsector is expected to result in superior 2013 results.
  • Many people have realized that considerable energy savings are possible through the installation of a new, more efficient Overhead Door unit that will reduce heat losses through this largest of openings in the home’s exterior structure. Efficiency-related installations are up in 2012 and the company anticipates that this trend will continue.
  • Cosmetic enhancement has become a major trend in garage door installations. Many builders sold houses in the last boom that offered very low-end garage doors which are now showing signs of non-serviceability and degraded appearance after only a few years. Given that many remodeling experts and publications now advise that upgraded garage doors are approaching ROI levels usually reserved for kitchen and bathroom renovations, it is not surprising to see a significant jump in sales of the higher end models for the retrofit market.
  • Another notable trend of 2012 was the renewed interest in genuine wood panels as opposed to resin or aluminum glass garage doors. Particularly on account of the movement towards more earth-friendly structures, wooden garage doors are both a sustainable product and also one that can more readily be stained to match the natural trim tone of the house rather than be painted.

In addition to the good news about sales, 2012 also saw the introduction of new, smart technology garage door operation systems. These new systems offer improved safety and alert functions, as well as much more customizable and secure access panels and remotes that allow a homeowner to feel less threatened by potential door code hackers. Safe and easy access for authorized users that is coupled with rigorous new measures to keep unwelcome intruders away has become a hallmark of all new Overhead Door Company products.

While the company looks forward to an ever better 2013 sales season, it is important to keep in mind that this year is merely the latest in a long record of providing high quality products to the community. It is this longevity that makes a new Overhead Door the right choice for any budget. The company will always be there.

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