Why is My Garage Door Opener So Loud?

A typical garage door has many moving parts that can start to make noise over time. The most common type of garage door opener for a residential home uses a chain drive. This type of door will typically be the noisiest due to the movement of the chain.


Chain Drive Garage Door OpenerChain drive garage door openers need to be lubricated from time to time. Lubrication is needed to keep the chain moving smoothly. However, this may not eliminate all noise. A lubricating spray can be used to keep the moving parts on your garage door opener moving freely. Make sure to thoroughly spray the chain and any gears. Hinges should also be oiled if you hear squeaking sounds when the door opens or closes.

Loose Parts

Parts that vibrate on a garage door may work loose over time. This can cause various noises as the door opens and closes. A wrench or other tool is needed to tighten any loose nuts and bolts. If there are parts that look worn, then they should be replaced. Rollers are a common part that can wear out over time. A roller can be replaced by first removing the hinge from the door. You may also find bad hinges that will need to be replaced. There is a number on the back of the hinge you need to match for a replacement.


The frequent opening and closing of the door may throw it out of balance. A door that is not balanced can make loud noises or not close properly. You can check the balance of a garage door by pulling on the emergency release lever when the door is closed. This disconnects the door from the chain drive. Open the door by hand to the halfway point and let go. The door should slowly start to go back down. If the door goes back down in a fast manner, then it is not properly balanced. This often indicates worn springs.

Squeaky Track

Squeaks that are heard when the door opens and closes may mean you need to grease the track. Grease the track by using a grease gun or grease from a tube purchased at a hardware store. Make sure you put on a rubber glove as grease will be messy. Place a generous amount of grease in your hand and apply it to the track. Open and close the garage door to evenly spread the grease.

Additional Information

Loud sounds coming from the motor may be a sign of imminent failure. Grinding sounds often mean a sprocket or a gear may be bent. These parts are found in the console unit that houses the motor. This type of problem is not easily fixed by a homeowner. The best option is to have the unit repaired or replaced.

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