Fire and Smoke Curtains

Smoke Curtains by Stoebich Fire Protections Systems

A smoke curtain is part of a unit to keep areas free from smoke and may include building parts like natural SHEV systems (according to EN 12101-2) as well asautomatic SHEV systems (according EN 12101-3). Smoke curtains limit the movement of fire gases inside of a building in case of a fire.


  • 90% of all victims die from smoke
  • 70% of physical damages are caused by smoke
  • The source of the fire as well as further sources of danger can not be detected by the fire brigade

Certificate for the usability


A certificate for the usability according to the EN 12101-1 is required.

Required quality surveillance to achieve the “CE”-label according to the product standard EN 12101-1:
Internal surveillance of the production according to the standard
External surveillance by the MPA-BS (certificate ÜZ-3/358/97)
9001:2000: by the VdS (certificate S 896002)
Classical, first class, automatic smoke curtain:Approval according to the Building Supervision for the characteristics of the complete smoke curtain in case of fire: Provided that basic demands from the valid product standard are missing, additional certificates become necessary. Smoke curtains always ask for an official approval document.

According to the test standard EN 12101-1 the following tests are necessar: Fire test, cycle test and a test for the tightness of the fabric.
Classification according to EN 12101-1: Temperature/time-classifications

Class Temp.(°C) time (minutes)
D 30 600 30
D 60 600 60
D 90 600 90
D 120 600 120
DA 600 >120
Class Temp.(°C) time (minutes)
DH 30 STTC 30
DH 60 STTC 60
DH 90 STTC 90
DH 120 STTC 120

Application with higher temperatures
STTC = Standard-Time-Temperature-Curve according to EN 1363-1

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