Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle Restraints

A safety vehicle restraint system is essential in creating a safe work environment involving loading docks. A vehicle restraint system combines a variety of features in order to improve the safety of a loading dock environment. McGuire offers a variety of vehicle restraint systems that can help ensure the safety of personnel working in a loading dock environment.

“Hold-Tite®” Automatic Vehicle Restraint

The “Hold-Tite®” automatic vehicle restraint system is built to be durable and comes with a full two year base warranty on hydraulic, electrical and structural components. An additional three year warranty is included on its structural components. The “Hold-Tite®” automatic vehicle restraint also meets up-to-date NHTSA regulations. Some of the “Hold-Tite®” automatic vehicle restraint systems features include:

  • An NHTSA regulation rear impact guard (RIG)
  • Interlock terminals for powered and/or leveler overhead doors
  • Automated red/green light sequencing for inside/outside
  • PLC solid state controls with push button activation (single phase operation — 115 volt)
  • A non-impact design for driveway or wall mount
  • Three position keyed override
  • Activation and auto restore of amber caution light indicators
“TPR” Automatic Vehicle Restraint System

McGuire’s TPR™ truck positioned vehicle restraint system is intended to automatically secure a trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG) and reduce the possibility of premature trailer separation during the unloading/loading procedure. The TPR system can withstand a pulling force of 35,000 or more. Its service range is from 4″ to 10″ horizontally from the face of the dock bumpers. The TPR’s vertical range is 9″ to 27″ above the drive approach. Its integral motor, brake and gear assembly are specially designed for the TPR system. Some of the “TPR™” automatic vehicle restraint’s notable features include:

  • An advanced three light communication system
  • LED external and internal lighting
  • Signage in the interior and exterior
  • Meets ANSI Spec MH30.3 standards and captures NHTSA regulation RIG
  • Standard keyed override/bypass switch
  • 1 year labor and parts warranty
  • Zinc plated housing and track for corrosion resistance
  • Zerk grease fitting on roller shaft for easy maintenance
“Stop-Tite®” AAL Automatic Vehicle Restraint

The “Stop-Tite®” AAL automatic vehicle restrain system is designed with automatic lights and automatic operation with push button activation. This system has a unique dual locking restraint arm that minimizes “trailer creep.” The “Stop-Tite®” AAL system includes a 1 year warranty on all hydraulic, structural and electrical components and meets current NHTSA regulations. The “Stop-Tite®” automatic vehicle restraint features include:

  • A translucent reservoir in a remote power pack
  • Terminals for powered overhead door and/or leveler interlock
  • Audible alarm for no rear impact guard (RIG)
  • Protective yellow/black debris guards
  • Low profile design for wall or driveway mount
  • Dual locking restraint to reduce “trailer creep”
“Stop-Tite®” Manual Vehicle Restraint System Series

The “Stop-Tite®” vehicle restraint series includes the “Stop-Tite®” M, MML & MAL, which are manually activated using an operate handle. Each of these systems includes a dual locking restrain arm that helps to reduce “trailer creep”for increased safety. The M version of the series is manually operated and has signs only. The MML has a manually operated communication system that can be changed using a selector switch within an internal control panel which then sequences red/green inside/outside lights. The MAL version of the series includes switching that automatically sequences the inside/outside red/green lights. Some features of all three versions of the “Stop-Tite®” vehicle restraint include:

  • A one year base warranty on electrical, structural and hydraulic components
  • Protective yellow/black debris guards
  • A non-impact design for driveway or wall mount
  • Meets NHTSA RIG (rear impact guard) regulation
  • Operate handle for manually activated restraint
  • Reduction of “trailer creep” via unique dual locking restraint arm

The Mid-Atlantic Door Group is a proud partner of McGuire, and has a team of experienced technicians to help with all of your vehicle restraint needs. Contact us today for additional information.


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