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Self-Diagnostic Safe-T-Beam Replacement Kit

Safe-T-Beam SystemThe Safe-T-Beam System analyzes garage doors to ensure that they have been properly installed. If the Safe-T-Beam system detects that there is any impairment or fault in the installation, it will immediately send a signal to warn the homeowners of this problem. The Safe-T-Beam System makes use of bright red and green LED lights to clearly differentiate between any issues that it may encounter.

The pattern of the LED lights will relay to homeowners a code to represent exactly what the issue is. This capability will make it effortless for even less technology-inclined homeowners to pinpoint the potential issues that their garage door may be having. The feature will also allow homeowners to know what the necessary steps are that they should take to resolve the matter.

The Safe-T-Beam is a highly responsive system. When it is correctly installed and in use, any object that happens to cross through the sensor and break the beam will cause the door to automatically retract immediately. It does this in order to not cause harm or damage to anything that may be in the path of the garage door. This allows dangerous or concerning garage door accidents to no longer be an issue, including:

  • Small children or unleashed pets that may run under the door as it is closing.
  • Valuable items that have been mistakenly left out and that could be crushed during impact.
  • A fault with the garage door that may cause it to come down on your car as you back out.

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